HPDC - MAGMASOFT® Overview & Results Seminar

11/7/17 - 11/8/17

This seminar is ideal for those who view results, or have some exposure to MAGMASOFT®, but do not need to know how to actually operate the software. This program will cover an overview of the different parts of the software and what information the software user needs to have in order to correctly set up a simulation or optimization.

Seminars are typically lectured based and offered as 1- 2 day programs for an audience consisting of both direct and indirect users. MAGMA seminars cover topics related to our customers’ needs and interests. These seminars provide a deeper insight to discover the potential for improving efficiency, quality, communication, and cost reduction through education. Topics from these seminars are intended for those who want to become more knowledgeable and build their expertise while also being proactive in using what they learn. Attendees may be direct or indirect users and often includes job titles throughout an organization like: Management, Engineers, Supervisors, Quality Personal, Production, and Sales staff. Seminars are carried out by experienced MAGMA staff and outside industry experts. These seminars use MAGMASOFT® as the educational backbone which adds to the overall value for the attendees.

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Registration closes October 27, 2017 

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