NADCA 2018 Die Casting Congress & Expo #612

10/15/18 - 10/17/18
Innovative Product Design and Robust Process Layout in Die Casting with Autonomous Engineering
Deepika Gaddam (MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc.); Dr.-Ing. Horst Bramann, M.Sc. Laura Leineweber, Dr.-Ing. Jörg C. Sturm (MAGMA Gießereitechnologie GmbH)

Innovative automotive lightweight design leads to increasingly higher demands for the product and process development of die cast components. This is mainly due to shorter and shorter product development cycles as well as rising functional integration and complexity of structural die cast parts. The main objectives of the technically complex processes and tools in aluminum and magnesium die casting are cost and resource efficiency along with the robust fulfilment of the defined high-class requirements of the casting. In this context, casting process simulation is a long and well-established tool to support component design as well as process development.

Using the example of a fictitious structural die cast component it is demonstrated how the new methodology of Autonomous Engineering contributes to the demands for:
- faster product and process development,
- optimum process and tools design in terms of quality, yield and costs, as well as
- robust process layout with maximum reproducibility of quality better than ever before.

Autonomous Engineering extends the known virtual experiment of casting simulation by the definition of quantifiable objectives, critical variable process parameters and their variations as well as relevant quality criteria. In addition to the identification of concrete technical solutions, this new approach allows the definition of the best compromise between quality and economic efficiency that the die caster strives for day by day.

Systematic knowledge can be generated without economic or productive risks, thus enabling early secured decisions in the development phase of robust, cost-efficient and resource-efficient die cast products and processes.


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