Design & Optimization of Core Making Process Seminar

This seminar will show attendees how factors like tooling, sand characteristics, shooting, blowing and venting influence the quality of sand cores, and in turn, influence the quality of metal castings.

Beginning with an explanation of core box design practice and how Autonomous Optimization can be applied in different tooling development scenarios. Emphasis will be on using optimization to minimize the tooling design time and maximize efficiency. Additionally, the seminar will explain how characteristics of core blowing machines, core making process parameters, and tooling components affect the core box layout. Finally, the course will investigate how sand cores can influence casting defects and steps that can be taken to avoid them.

This Seminar is open to anyone, from current MAGMA customer to non-users such as: Tooling Designers, Part Designers, Core Shop Technicians, Sand Lab Engineers and Foundry Engineers, among others. Attendees do not need any software training to participate in this seminar. Case studies will be fully explained such that users and non-users alike will benefit.

After the seminar, participants will be able to identify core making process factors that influence core quality and can minimize the time and cost of tooling design.

This seminar has passed. If you would like more information, please contact the MAGMAacademy.


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