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MAGMAacademy is constantly investigating new methods for educating our customers. We feel there are certain topics that are well suited to be communicated through a webinar. These are shorter sessions, usually less than one hour, where a specific new feature or concept can be discussed. While interaction is limited during a webinar, further discussions are available after the conclusion of the webinar as the presenter is always welcome to follow up discussions.   

We welcome suggestions from our customers for topics of interest. Please email the MAGMAacademy with webinar suggestions if you do not see your topic of interest listed below. Show email 

Check back often as we produce new webinars monthly.

HPDC Key Factors for Shot Sleeve Longevity

In the episode of our HPDC webinar series we examine the shot sleeve. read more

HPDC Case Study: Runner Design Optimization

In the second episode of our case study series, we will be continuing to review real-world ... read more

HPDC Case Study: Casting Distortion

In the first episode of our case study series, we will be reviewing real world castings and ... read more

Distortion Caused by Quenching and Trimming

In our last webinar, we experimented with die open times and now we are finishing up the ... read more

Fast Shot Velocity Influence on Casting Quality

In this webinar we looked at how fast shot speed plays a big role in casting quality and we ... read more

Shot Velocity Transition Influence on Casting Quality

In this episode we will be evaluating the transition point and how it changes the casting quality. read more

Gating Bytes: Tangential Gates

This webinar will looking at how tangential gates fill castings as well as if shock absorber ... read more

Gating Bytes: The Gate Part 2 - Cover vs. Ejector Gating

In this webinar we will be covering the differences between cover and ejector gating. read more

Gating Bytes – The Gate

In the conclusion of Gating Bytes, we are going to finish on a high note with the gates. ... read more

Gating Bytes – Multiple Cavities

Gating bytes is taking a big topic like runner design and focusing on a few specific areas, or ... read more

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