New Software MAGMA CC (steel) for the Continuous Casting Process

At the annual international event STAHL 2016, MAGMA presents its new software for the virtual casting and optimization of the continuous casting process

Aachen, October 2016. At the annual international event STAHL 2016, which takes place on 10th November, 2016, in Düsseldorf, Germany, MAGMA GmbH, a leading provider of casting process simulation worldwide, presents MAGMA CC (Continuous Casting), its new software for the simulation and optimization of the continuous casting process especially for steel. On its booth F0405, the company will demonstrate a fully integrated simulation of the complete continuous casting process, beginning with the tundish through the mold to the solidifying strand. This simulation comprises the flow of the liquid steel, all aspects of solidification, heat transfer as well as the formation of residual stresses. Vertical or horizontal continuous casting of all thinkable profiles can be simulated – for example slabs, barrels, billets or beam blanks in any cross section or length. Furthermore, MAGMA CC for the first time allows virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization for continuous casting on the computer screen. The development of robust processes and optimized solutions for the continuous casting process is now possible upfront before the very first casting. This allows the realization of robust production processes with significant potential for savings.

Left: Velocity distribution during the inflow of the melt. Right: Visualization of the liquid pool including the mushy zone (green) at an early point of time

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