Reducing Shrinkage Porosity in Steel Castings Using Autonomous Optimization

Shrinkage porosity in steel castings is a common defect that all steel casters are concerned with and must work to eliminate or minimize. In the past, designing tooling and selecting appropriate process parameters required a large amount of engineering time to run trials, both on the shop floor and in simulation, to ensure that shrinkage porosity would not be a problem in a given casting. 

There is now technology available in MAGMASOFT® that frees the foundry engineer up from this time consuming trial and error simulation work to accomplish additional tasks while improving efficiency and effectiveness when designing gating, risering and choosing process parameters.

This presentation will give an overview of this new technology known as Autonomous Optimization and will feature a case study to illustrate the applications and benefits of Autonomous Optimization when designing risers for steel castings.

Click this link to watch on OnDemand: Reducing Shrinkage Porosity in Steel Castings Using Autonomous Optimization

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