Steel - Gating System Analysis: Moving from Subjectivity to Objectivity

The steel foundry engineer faces numerous and significant technical challenges when designing gating systems. While tools such as casting process simulation have provided great insight into the process of designing gating systems that result in quality castings, this process is still not without significant technical challenges. The foundry engineer must analyze a number of different simulation results, at various time steps throughout filling, and often for multiple different gating designs. This can prove to be very challenging and often, in the end, will come down to a “judgment call” made by the engineer to determine which gating system will perform the best. The addition of Autonomous Optimization capabilities to MAGMASOFT® now allows the foundry engineer to take a more quantitative look at gating system performance than in the past. This webinar will highlight the challenges that the foundry engineer faces, and will focus on case studies that highlight how the gating design process can be made more objective than ever before so that important decisions are based on accurate data that clearly predicts how a gating system will perform.

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