Fact Sheet MAGMAiron


Quantitative prediction of shrinkage related defects with a new powerful feeding model taking into account

  • Convective heat transport during solidification
  • The metallurgical state of the melt
  • Inoculation effects on precipitated eutectic graphite
  • Atmospheric and local metallostatic pressure on feeding flow
  • Graphite expansion and austenite shrinkage
  • Flow resistance in mushy zones during solidification
  • Impact of mold stability on porosity


MAGMAiron quantitatively predicts microstructure and porosity for cast iron as a function of alloy composition, metallurgical state of the melt and inoculation effects and offers

  • Increased safety by accurately predicting porosities
  • Robust and optimized gating and feeding designs
  • Reduced cost by avoiding scrap through optimized process parameters
  • Availability by addressing metallurgical and material specifics for grey, ductile and compacted cast iron grades

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