VIRTUAL International MAGMA User Meeting 2020

6/10/20 - 8/10/20

MAGMASOFT  ® - The Digital Foundry Process

With its comprehensive capabilities, MAGMASOFT  ® has developed from a tool for confirming preconceived ideas to a methodology for predicting robust and optimized processes before the first casting is made.

Get updated on the latest advancements in using Autonomous Engineering with the current release MAGMASOFT  ® 5.4. Discuss your benefits from virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization with other experts. Learn how to effectively use MAGMAinteract to improve communication with customers and within your organization. MAGMA intends to use diverse interactive elements to maximize your benefit in participating.

Sharing knowledge and information with other users and with MAGMA!

User presentations are an essential part of our User Meetings. Share your work by preparing and sharing your presentation online or prerecorded and receive feedback from other worldwide MAGMASOFT  ® users. Dedicated workshops offer the unique chance to network with hundreds of foundry and simulation experts from all over the world!

Further updates regarding the conference will be continuously provided. Part of this will also be a tutorial on how to set up  a recorded presentation.

We are looking forward to seeing you online and to meeting you at our Virtual International MAGMA User Meeting 2020!

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