Predicting Contact Shrinkage in Ductile Iron Castings Pt1

One of the easiest porosity defects that a foundry can quickly identify is shrinkage at a gate or riser contact. One of the most difficult porosity defects for a foundry to eliminate can be shrinkage at a gate or riser contact. This is the first of two episodes where contact shrinkage in some ductile iron castings is investigated. This first episode will look at some examples where shrinkage at the gate(s) is an issue. The second episode will look at shrinkage at riser contacts. While the shrinkage is identified by MAGMAiron’s “Porosity” result, the focus will be on using other solidification results in MAGMAiron to explain why there is a “Porosity” indication. Once the question of “Why is there porosity?” is answered, we will look at possible solutions for eliminating shrinkage at gate contacts.

This is part one of two parts, although seeing both webinars is not necessary, it is recommended.

Click this link to watch on OnDemand: Predicting Contact Shrinkage in Ductile Iron Castings

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