When Less is More

Producing large ductile iron axle housings can be a challenging task. The part shown above was well into production when a shrinkage defect was noticed during machining. After several attempts to find a solution, the foundry contacted MAGMA to evaluate the part design.

Casting and simulation results showing the shrinkage defects

The initial simulations identified areas within the casting which were prone to defects, correlating to the real samples. Reviewing the results, the root cause was established - feeding paths were closing too soon.

After redesigning the risers to solve this problem, the pouring weight had been reduced by 13 kg, in turn decreasing the filling time by 2,5 s. The riser contact area was reduced by 25 % for easier removal and lower cleaning costs. The re-design also reduced the total solidification time by 11 minutes, which allowed a significant production rate increase.

The foundry approached MAGMA simply looking for a solution to the casting defect and came away with much more than they anticipated.

Modified layout that not only eliminated shrinkage problem but also reduced pouring time and increased productivity

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