Gating Steel Castings

Designing risers that adequately feed a steel casting is only part of the challenge for the steel foundry engineer. In fact, research has shown that more than 80% of the inclusions found in steel castings are reoxidation inclusions that are created during the pouring and mold filling processes. These reoxidation inclusion will often end up settling on the cope surfaces of steel castings and require extensive inspection, excavation, welding and grinding operations. While reoxidation inclusions cannot be completely avoided in the steel casting process, they can be reduced and minimized using sound gating design principles.

Join the MAGMA steel team as we review some of the basics of designing a gating system that will minimize turbulence, minimize air entrapment, and as a result minimize reoxidation inclusions. In addition we will review relevant case studies where casting quality was dramatically improved by changes to the gating system. This will be an interactive forum for the exchange of technical information that will last approximately 35 minutes with time after for audience participation and questions. We hope you are able to join us for this technical review of the basics of steel gating design principles.

Click this link to watch on OnDemand: Gating Steel Casting

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