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If you are a decision-maker, executive or person in charge and do not use MAGMASOFT® yourself, but rather receive the results of casting process simulation and optimization in the form of many different results, we invite you to attend the seminar Evaluation of Simulation Results with MAGMASOFT®, which is available as in-house seminar upon request. Please feel free to contact Malaika Heidenreich at +49 241 88901 99 or send an e-mail to

If you are a MAGMASOFT® user, look out for news from the support section of our website at the end of today’s article!

We look forward to receiving your booking!



Steel & Copper- Gating Design Principles Seminar

13 de mayo de 2020 -  14 de mayo de 2020

**This seminar has been postponed** This seminar will get into how defects created during mold filling create large amounts of time consuming and costly rework that must be done. This course will review relevant research related to defect formation during mold filling and will demonstrate how these research findings relate to MAGMASOFT® simulation results. If you would like more information, please contact the MAGMAacademy ... Leer más


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Case Study with Smith Castings

5 de mayo de 2020

Our customer Smith Castings, LLC shared this story with us regarding a request from one of ... Leer más


Example article

When laying out the rigging system, a common question is how to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken. What effect, for instance, does choosing a larger feeder or changing the position of a chill have on the feeding process? By systematically making use of virtual designs of experiments, it is possible to answer these questions.

In Figure 1, you can see the rigging ...

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