2018 Metal Casting Automotive Summit


In today’s global automotive industry the successful design and production of high-performance metal castings can only be realized through the collaboration of designers, foundry engineers and supplier quality experts utilizing state-of-the-art design and optimization tools.

The focus of this event is to provide an overview of cutting-edge work that is being done in the areas of automotive casting design, supplier quality development and casting procurement.

Industry experts from an automotive Tier 1 Supplier, Port City (Pace Industries), Superior Industries and Laempe Reich will share technical presentations that highlight:

  • Case studies of casting designers, supply chain personnel and metal casting suppliers working together to produce high-performance metal castings for automotive applications
  • Metal casting design for manufacturability
  • The use of simulation tools to optimize metal casting microstructural and mechanical properties, consider residual stresses and improve structural analysis (FEA)
  • Considering the effect of process variability in the metal casting process on supplier casting quality
  • Optimizing metal casting costs through process and design optimization
  • Producing automotive castings using high pressure die casting, permanent mold and sand casting processes
  • The importance of considering core production during design and procurement

This event is an excellent opportunity for designers, supplier quality engineers, and other technical personnel within the automotive industry to hear about the latest work being done to produce automotive metal casting components and also provides an opportunity to network with other technical experts within the industry.