Our Philosophy and Mission

MAGMAacademy is a training and continuing education program for current MAGMA customers. All training or ongoing learning for customers relating to MAGMASOFT®, Technical Seminars, and Workshops are done through MAGMAacademy. Beginning in 2016, we opened Seminars and Workshops to noncustomers. The concept of MAGMAacademy stems from the idea that lifelong learning and learning from each other makes for a knowledgeable workforce that can empower the metalcasting industry from within.

Technology and its application through casting process simulation is a well-known means for improving quality and productivity. It allows designers to advance the development of castings while allowing users to effectively produce robust casting processes. This leads to reduced delivery times, reduced costs, and aids in communication throughout all levels of an organization. 

MAGMAacademy’s mission is to provide educational resources to software users and to aid in the integration of casting process optimization throughout an entire organization. This is achieved through software-focused direct user training and targeted education programs for the indirect user.