MAGMAiron 5.5 - Cast Iron in Motion


Quantitative prediction of shrinkage related defects with a new powerful feeding model taking into account

  • Convective heat transport during solidification
  • The metallurgical state of the melt
  • Inoculation effects on precipitated eutectic graphite
  • Atmospheric and local metallostatic pressure on feeding flow
  • Graphite expansion and austenite shrinkage
  • Flow resistance in mushy zones during solidification
  • Impact of mold stability on porosity

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From Metallurgy to Optimized Casting Properties

The quality and profitability of iron castings are driven by the metallurgy of the melt, the design of the pattern, the productivity of the process, reproducible manufacturing conditions and the resulting properties of the cast iron material after casting and heat treatment.

MAGMASOFT® is capable of autonomously establishing robust process conditions and optimized solutions for the pouring, solidification and heat treatment of all cast iron alloys. The integrated tools to statistically set up virtual Designs of Experiments and automatically assess results support foundrymen in determining optimal design and process conditions, for example regarding:

  • optimization of gating design for improved cast iron cleanliness and surface quality
  • positioning and size of feeders/risers eliminating shrinkage and porosity while maintaining high yield levels
  • optimum cast iron chemistry, metal treatment and inoculation for prevention of critical phases during solidification and further metal cooling
  • set-up of robust process conditions for reaching the required mechanical properties
  • casting design features such as minimized risk of cold cracks and dimensional tolerances
  • resource conserving heat treatment processes tuned to achieve the desired microstructure and the required properties

MAGMASOFT®s unique integrated methodology of virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization lets the software automatically run through various iron casting design and parameter combinations. MAGMASOFT® helps identify a set of process conditions best meeting the specified requirements. This is done quickly and comprehensively, matching different objectives considering all driving forces decisive for iron casting quality.

This makes MAGMASOFT® key for casting designers, pattern makers and foundrymen to lay out optimal cast component designs, implement reliable production processes, minimize quality risks, set up reliable process windows and realize the full potential of cast iron materials.

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