Learn more about the MAGMAacademy

With the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, the MAGMAacademy has been fully booked with customers coming in for update training of our new release, MAGMASOFT® 5.4. The MAGMAacademy is the education arm of MAGMA.  It is responsible for all of the training activities, hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars and video tutorials that make up the initial training and continuing education of MAGMASOFT® to our users and their organization. At MAGMA we go beyond the use of our software as we help users in their understanding and navigation of the casting process.

This year the Academy will be offering four workshops. Three Optimization Workshops (Iron, Non-Ferrous and HPDC) will be held in our Schaumburg, Illinois office. Our C+M (core + mold) Workshop, together with LaempeReich and Anderson Global, will be held at LaempeReich’s facility in Trussville, AL. The Optimization Workshops are for customers who have completed level 1 and level 2 training. However, the C+M Workshop is open to anyone, customer or non-customer  who is interested in learning how MAGMASOFT® C+M can help them in their core making process.



There will be five seminars presented by the MAGMAacademy in 2019; four in America and one in Mexico. HPDC Root Cause Defects, Steel Gating Design Principles, Iron Root Cause Defects and HPDC Overview and Results will all be offered at our Schaumburg, Illinois office. Iron Overview & Results will be offered in Monterrey, Mexico.

The MAGMAacademy keeps busy all year providing education to our software users and those individuals within their organization who support the user(s), or are impacted by the MAGMASOFT® results. In addition to the workshops and seminars, the academy has many pre-scheduled software training classes.  Due to the high demand for these programs, classes are regularly added throughout the year and added to the ones already posted on our website. Our customers can also request seminars to be performed at their location.



Each fall we gather together with our users for our Annual User Group Meeting (You can read about this in a previously published blog post). The MAGMAacademy is also a key component in the compiling and executing of our new customer’s “Implementation Plan”. This is a custom designed plan for each customer to ensure the successful onboarding of MAGMASOFT® into their organization.

This post provides a summary of what the MAGMAacademy offers. To learn more about the Academy, to see the list of pre-scheduled training classes, workshops and seminars, or to register for any of these events, please visit the MAGMAacademy section of our website.