MAGMAacademy Steel Gating Design Seminar

The MAGMAacademy was proud to host another Steel Gating Design Seminar.  Fourteen (14) participants were in attendance representing Eight (8) different companies.  Each participant brought his/her own background and skill levels. It is this broad range that makes this program fun.  We covered the spread from foundry intern to veteran foundryman.  Adding to this diversity, this program is perfectly adapted to the skilled and fully trained user of MS, as well as those who have little or no exposure to it.

Another engaging part of this program, is how we are able to successfully represent very different gating styles in the same class;  tile gating, bottom gating and parting line gating systems are all covered. Theoretical concepts and best practices are  presented at first, then participants are organized for team based activities.  Additionally, we create an environment where each participant is able to test their design ideas against measurable quality objectives through the use of Autonomous Engineering™.  A big part of the discussion in this program, is how we can use expressions and statistical evaluation to measure with quantifiable data the relative quality of a gating system, and filling pattern. 

In the end, each attendee walked away with a new perspective on how to design and test gating components.  Join us next time to learn the fastest and most effective way to gate steel castings.