Once around the world, please!

Many new impressions in five days: Sebastian Koldorf, MAGMA sales representative, went to Bangkok, the glittering capital of Thailand. For sightseeing? Not at all. Together with the team of our local partner “M5 Engineering”, he took part in the three-day Metal and Metallurgy fair.

Furthermore a continuous casting seminar for potential users of MAGMASOFT® was organized. It was attended by decision makers from local steel producing companies and international steel corporations. Among several topics, the focus was how to increase productivity with the help of MAGMA CC and improve the quality of continuous casting process. "Improving cost-efficiency and optimize product quality are ongoing topics," he says. The event was organized by M5 Engineering, in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Pruet at the King Mongkut´s University of Technology. "The feedback from over 40 seminar participants was consistently positive," emphasizes Sebastian Koldorf.  In addition to speakers from MAGMA GmbH, speakers from MAGMA Singapore, M5 Engineering and the University were also invited. After the seminar a discussion round has taken place, where the participants had the opportunity to ask questions. The guided tour through the laboratories of the university completed this event successfully. "The next step is to optimize quality and costs with MAGMA CC in concrete projects with steel producing companies", he says.

M5 Engineering

M5 Engineering (Thailand) was founded in 2013 to represent MAGMA in Thailand. They provide solutions for foundries and steel-plants to improve casting quality and optimize the entire process chain, through the use of MAGMA casting process simulation MAGMASOFT®.