Core & Mold (C+M) - Basic/New User Training

The MAGMA user community is interested in producing increasingly complex and higher quality cores and molds. However, this often involves an outside mold/core maker or a core room which operates independently of the other foundry operations. MAGMA c+m is the ideal way to incorporate simulation of the core shooting, curing, and/or drying, without utilizing the casting simulation license. The individual(s) designing cores and coremaking tooling may not need to simulate the metal casting process. They may only be interested in the quality of chemically bonded sand products. In this situation, a trainee need not have taken any metal casting courses and only needs the MAGMA c+m basic/new user course.


  • Set up a MAGMAc+m simulation and evaluate the results
  • Discuss the components of the MAGMA APPROACH and Autonomous Engineering
  • Communicate MAGMAC+M results and findings to all areas of their organization 

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