HPDC - Overview and Results Seminar

This seminar is ideal for those who view results or have some exposure to MAGMASOFT® but do not need to know how to actually operate the software. This program will cover an overview of the different parts of the software and what information the software user needs to have in order to correctly set-up a simulation or optimization. Also emphasized in this course is a description of the simulation outputs including pictorial results, 2D curves, and statistical analysis. This seminar is often taken by the user and non-user as it aids in opening lines of communication between different people within an organization. This seminar can be customized based on a customer’s process/alloy type and presented to a small group at your facility. The length of the course is also variable, depending on the depth of knowledge required.

Typically included for discussion are topics such as:

  • the software user interface
  • requirements for geometry
  • thermophysical material data and
  • casting process parameters

In addition, time is spent reviewing results, discussing critical result visualization settings and how to effectively manipulate the visual tools for better result understanding. Again, the software user is welcome to attend with the indirect user(s). This is an ideal seminar for those who view results or have frequent exposure to MAGMASOFT® but are not the primary direct user.

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