Iron - Optimization Application Workshop

Are you a MAGMAiron user who has not been utilizing the optimization functionality? 

Perhaps you have thought:  “I’m waiting for the right project to come along.”

Well, wait no longer! 

Here is your chance to learn more about how to make optimization work for you.  This hands-on workshop will teach you the methodology and functionality that will take you from a traditional user to a power user!

Especially now, MAGMASOFT®’s parametric database library has the components to create fully parameterized gating systems.  In addition to discussion of how to optimize process parameters, a big part of any iron foundry engineer’s job is creating or modifying gating and rigging systems.  This workshop will provide you the perfect environment to hone your skills and become a master of the optimization functionality. 

Attend this course and watch your productivity and expertise skyrocket.   

This workshop was created specifically for the fully trained direct software user. The purpose of this workshop is to aid users in more efficient application of the Autonomous Optimization tools and methods. Some time may be spent reviewing concepts and techniques that were covered in brevity in the earlier trainings, but the primary purpose is to aid users in understanding how they can apply Autonomous Optimization for efficiency in all project work. Time will be spent on more advanced concepts and techniques that were not provided in update trainings or in level I & level II coursework. Users will be provided a dedicated workstation and prepared projects for use in the class. 

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