MAGMA University Experience

Foundries, suppliers and the OEM world all benefit from onboarding the next generation of engineers.  It all starts with hard work and effort to not only attract students, but also educate and prepare them for career opportunities.  We think creating experiences for the student that goes beyond sitting in a classroom or lab can be instrumental in retaining talented engineering minds.  We would like to inform you of a new interactive event that we are planning to do. 

We have named this event the MAGMA University Experience, which is an opportunity for students to learn more about MAGMASOFT® by understanding how to apply simulation technology to real world applications.  This consists of not only understanding the critical information that goes into optimization, but also interpreting the results to be able to apply them to real world applications.

If MAGMASOFT® is part of your curriculum, we are inviting two of your students to attend the MAGMA University Experience.

Please contact the MAGMAacademy if you are interested in learning more about this program or if you would like your students to attend.

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