Core & Mold (C+M) - Module Training

This course is for direct users who have been trained on the use of MAGMASOFT® filling and solidification simulations and who are adding a MAGMAc+m module to their current license. This course will provide users with the information required to set up, run and evaluate core and mold making simulations. Topics covered in this program will include: core shooting simulation both with and without a hopper, core gassing, core curing, and core drying (for inorganics). All binder systems that are currently included with this module can be discussed in this course. Those that do not pertain to the attendees will not be covered.


  • Set up a MAGMAc+m simulation
  • Evaluate the results of a MAGMAc+m simulation
  • Communicate MAGMAc+m results and findings to all areas of their organization
  • Discuss the components of the MAGMA APPROACH and Autonomous Engineering 

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