HPDC Root Cause Defects Seminar

The intention of this seminar is to give attendees a better understanding of how to classify defects and how to identify the root causes that create them. Each version of this class is specific to certain alloy types and/or casting process. The seminar will utilize casting process simulation as the backbone for identifying the defect root causes. The course is not limited to discussion of simulation, and other defect evaluation techniques may be included. Group activities and interaction are a key part of this program, and participants will be engaged throughout the program. Attendees will have the opportunity to bring in one of their own casting defects(small parts, or images, sections, descriptions, etc.) for discussion. Formal software training is not required for participation in this seminar, and we strongly encourage anyone who is involved with defect identification and resolution to attend.

This event has already passed. If you would like more information about it, or would like to be put on the mailing list to be sure to be invited to next year's event, Show email