Level III Software Training

Level III Software Training

The Level III program was created as a way for the direct user to continue to enhance their knowledge of MAGMASOFT®, to aid in making smart engineering decisions, and communicate software results more effectively. The Level III program revolves around a direct user’s project which will be worked on in class with an experienced MAGMA Application Manager. This course will help the direct user assess the current project status, develop a strategic approach to the problem, and be provided with suggested result evaluation techniques. In most cases, the scope of the project is beyond what can be completed in two days.

Project work which begins in the Level III course will continue after the course days are completed, with continued guidance from the account manager.


  • Ability to determine and explain the root cause of a problem
  • Identify key objectives
  • Determine a strategy to find an acceptable solution using the MAGMA APPROACH
  • Use Autonomous Engineering to implement the strategy
  • Effectively communicate the results to others

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