Steel & Copper - Gating Design Principles Seminar

Defects created during mold filling create large amounts of time-consuming and costly rework that must be done. For example, research has estimated that as much as 20% of the direct cost of making a casting lies in removing and repairing inclusions created during mold filling. Many of the conditions that create these defects during the mold filling process are created by gating systems that are poorly designed and therefore could be avoided by implementing sound gating design principles. This course will review relevant research related to defect formation during mold filling and will demonstrate how these research findings relate to MAGMASOFT® simulation results. Common gating design practices will be discussed and evaluated according to the relevant research findings and simulation results. Case studies will be reviewed to highlight both effective and ineffective gating design practices. This course is ideal for anyone that is designing gating systems, providing input into gating system design or anyone that would like to better understand mold filling defects and how to avoid the conditions that cause them to occur.