MAGMASOFT® 5.5 – MAGMAsteel – optimized heat treatment

In addition to new results for the grain size after austenitization and for the cooling rate in critical temperature ranges, the program now takes into account a massively extended alloy range. A new feature is the consideration of segregation-related local concentration differences from the casting process in the heat treatment calculation.

Learn about all the new possibilities in the MAGMAsteel module here!

  • Segregation from solidification is taken into account in the heat treatment calculation
  • Extended alloy range (low and high alloy steels)
  • New results

The webinar is intended for users who are already working with the current release of MAGMASOFT ® and are upgrading to the new version MAGMASOFT® 5.5. This webinar is free of charge for all users with a valid maintenance congestion and lasts one hour.