New Opportunities in MAGMASOFT® 5.4 – Part 2

The latest version of MAGMASOFT® 5.4 contains many new features and enhancements that you will get to know in this webinar. The webinar is intended for users who are already working with the current release of MAGMASOFT® and are switching to the new version MAGMASOFT® 5.4.

In this second webinar you will be introduced to further functions of MAGMASOFT® 5.4. Please also sign up for the first part so you get to know all the new features of the release.

Contents of the Webinar - Part 2:
- Calculation of core gases and binder degradation
- Analysis with the help of the heat balance
- New opportunities of the curves in the Result Perspective
- Introduction to the GTP Schäfer database
- Innovations in MAGMAnonferrous