HIGHLIGHTS IN MAGMAstress 5.5 - Prediction of core deformation


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Prediction of core deformation as a function of

  • Mechanical behavior of different sand and binder systems
  • Thermal loading including buoyancy during filling and early stage solidification
  • Consideration of core print layout and positioning
  • Pressure dependent description of the bonded porous sand material
  • Time and temperature dependent mechanical data


MAGMAstress quantitatively predicts core stresses and distortion offering:

  • Increased safety by avoiding core failure during casting through quantitative prediction of core stresses
  • Effectivity by optimizing shrinkage factors for core pattern layout through calculation of local thermal expansion coefficients
  • Robustness due to stabilized core production through pre-shaping of core print layouts
  • Availability by supporting major binder and sand systems
  • Cost savings by minimizing design loops, tool rework and lead times through systematic core print development

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