Efficient Evaluation In The Result Perspective

In the Result Perspective of MAGMASOFT®, you evaluate your 3D simulation results based on your objectives and requirements. There are many possibilities and ways for you to focus the presentation of the different results on the desired information, such as clipped geometry, color scale, transparency and many more.
In this MAGMA webinar we want to show you how to efficiently use these possibilities. In particular, you will learn how to repeatedly use a previously set 3D result evaluation and access it again in many other contexts.

This webinar is designed both for long-time users of MAGMASOFT® and for less experienced users from all fields of application. The webinar contents are not aimed at explaining individual results, but are meant to give fresh impetus for the general use of the Result Perspective.
Take the opportunity to ask our experts questions via live chat.

We hope you enjoy your webinar.