New possibilities to predict the transport of entrapped air during mold filling offering

  • new algorithms for air transport in the melt and quantitative air results
  • curves for predicting the amount of air and evaluating the die venting
  • vacuum as a variable for virtual DoE and optimization of venting
  • extended feeding model for die casting considering the third phase
  • evaluation of all volume deficits (entrapped air and shrinkage porosity) in one result
  • more accurate calculation of the locking force


The new and enhanced capabilities of predicting entrained air and shrinkage defects in MAGMAhpdc

  • save time and effort for the user in project design and evaluation
  • make predictions of air entrapment and feeding porosity more accurate and decisions more justifiable
  • shorten the time from idea to series production by optimizing venting and process
  • lead to increased safety and robustness in the die casting process through common assesment of all volume deficiencies

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System Requirements

MAGMASOFT® is available for all suitable current operating systems such as Linux and Windows 10. MAGMASOFT® can be used on dual or multi-processor computers or massively parallel on cluster computers.

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