Understanding Cold Box Core Making Shooting and Curing Technical Challenges

The shooting and curing of complex cold boxes cores can present technical challenges that will often lead to poor core quality as the result of incomplete compaction of sand, non-filling of some areas, or inadequate curing. The cost of such defects quickly adds up when the resulting casting defects, core scrap, machine time, labor, troubleshooting time and lost machine capacity are all taken into account. As the complexity of casting designs and the quality requirements that come with them continue to increase, the cores that create intricate passage ways in new designs are also becoming more challenging. As a result it is becoming more critical than ever that core making personnel understand the science behind sand flow, blow tube and nozzle placement, and the selection of process parameters such as shooting pressure, curing time, purging time, etc.

Come join the MAGMA C+M (core and mold) team for a technical review of two cold box case studies. One case study will highlight a core that was running with poor compaction and non-fill defects as a result of how the tooling was effecting the sand flow during shooting. The second case study will focus on a core that was problematic due to how the tooling and process parameters were effecting the curing gas flow during the curing process. The webinar will last approximately 30 minutes and we will have time for questions and discussion with the audience. We hope that you will be able to join us and we look forward to this technical discussion of the cold box core making process.

Click this link to watch on OnDemand: Understanding Cold Box Care Making Shooting and Curing Technical Challenges

and process parameters were effecting the curing gas flow during the curing process