Reduction of Oxide Inclusions in Aluminum Cylinder Heads through Virtual Design of Experiments

Lubos Pavlak and Jörg C. Sturm

Executive Summary

Oxide inclusions, which are created during the pouring process of aluminum alloys, are the main cause of leaks in castings. This contribution shows how the integration of virtual design of experiments (vDOEs) into the casting process simulation tool MAGMA5 provided the basis for the evaluation and subsequent optimization of process parameters in the melt transport and pouring process, which are responsible for the creation and distribution of oxide inclusions. At the same time, quality criteria describing the creation of oxides during the casting process of cylinder heads was evaluated quantitatively. The utilization of vDOEs creates variations of the gating system and process parameters autonomously. It will be shown that vDOEs are leading to optimized gating designs and process parameters resulting in a significant reduction of oxides in castings. The experiments supported by simulation were accompanied and validated by high-speed video technology and the PREFIL-measurement technology.


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