Small Changes Result in Big Improvement

The original gating system of a front fork component led to problems that were analyzed using MAGMASOFT®. The original design of the gating system of the front fork led to several problems that were detected by simulation. The top ingate was filled too quickly, and this caused casting defects due to turbulence and a large amount of entrapped air. The filling pattern also led to a hotspot and a shrinkage defect in the bottom of the casting. In addition, the yield was only about 49 %.

Several types of gating systems were simulated to analyze and solve these problems. The improved gating system shows little turbulence during filling, the hotspot and shrinkage problem in the bottom of the casting are also eliminated. Through the new leaner runner bar, the yield is improved by around 18.5%. The higher yield means a faster filling time, and thinner walls lead to a shorter solidification time. Both factors taken together mean a reduction in cycle time about 20 s. As an added benefit, the yield and tensile strengths of the components were tested and through these changes the mechanical properties were increased by around 10 %.

Casting layout for the front fork geometry (left) and temperatures in the casting during solidification (right)

* Courtesy of PT Kayaba, Indonesia