New opportunities in MAGMASOFT® 5.5.1

Efficient casting development, safe process start-ups and robust production windows are the focus of the foundry industry. The new MAGMASOFT® Version 5.5.1 makes significant contributions to value creation in casting design, tooling and foundry. Special emphasis was placed on easy and efficient use of the software and its results.

Learn about all general innovations in MAGMASOFT® 5.5.1 here!

  • Archiving of projects
  • Advanced calculation of austenitization with MAGMAsteel
  • Tool wear with MAGMA C+M
  • Binder degradation also for inorganics
  • Further usability improvements

This webinar is intended for users who are already working with the current release of MAGMASOFT® and are upgrading to the new version MAGMASOFT® 5.5.1. This webinar is free of charge for all users with a valid maintenance status and lasts one hour.