Minimizing Steel Casting Production Costs Using Autonomous Optimization

Join our steel casting engineers as we explore how using autonomous optimization in MAGMASOFT®, ... read more

Riser Design for Steel Castings

In this webinar we take a close look at key concepts for designing risering systems for steel ... read more

Troubleshooting a Failure in Service Using MAGMASOFT®, MAGMAstress and MAGMAsteel

We will be using MAGMASOFT®, MAGMAsteel and MAGMAstress to see if this failure could have been ... read more

Automated Change of Riser Sizes and Locations For Steel Castings

With Autonomous Optimization in MAGMASOFT®, riser locations and sizes can be changed and ... read more

Steel - Gating System Analysis: Moving from Subjectivity to Objectivity

This webinar will highlight the challenges the foundry engineer faces and will focus on case ... read more

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