MAGMASOFT® 5.5 – MAGMAiron – a lot of movement in iron casting

For iron casters, completely new possibilities are available for taking metallurgy and process flow into account on solidification and feeding behavior. With the innovative SMAFEE feeding algorithm, the influence of melt quality, inoculation practice and local pressure distribution on the porosity result is taken into account even better. In addition, thermal convection during solidification is now calculated.

Learn about all the new possibilities in the MAGMAiron module here!

  • Convection during solidification
  • New feeding model with improved porosity prediction

The webinar is intended for users who are already working with the current release of MAGMASOFT ® and are upgrading to the new version MAGMASOFT® 5.5. This webinar is free of charge for all users with a valid maintenance congestion and lasts one hour.