New Webinar: Get Your Wheel Casting Process Rolling!

No matter whether you are a design engineer for wheels, a foundryman or a casting buyer, you are all faced with today’s challenges in wheel manufacturing. Shorter development cycles, complex designs, increasing variety of models and at the same time lower volumes over lifetime require optimized, robust products and processes – right from the beginning. Costly optimization loops from SOP to ramp-up are not acceptable – secured early-stage decision-making is the key!

With MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering, you have an efficient simulation tool at hand that helps you to improve your wheel design, optimize casting quality and stabilize casting processes and thus reduce manufacturing costs.

The free MAGMA webinar "How to use MAGMASOFT® for wheel manufacturing", will take place on Thursday, February 23rd, at 10 a.m. (German time). During these events, we will demonstrate the possibilities of casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT® in the field of wheel manufacturing – for designers, foundrymen or casting buyers within your organization as well as your suppliers and customers.

You can attend the free webinar at 10 am (German time).

The webinar lasts 1.5 hours.