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Alloy Datasets

September 18, 2020

Alloy datasets are an integral part of simulating the casting process. In order to ensure that we understand what is in the data and how it relates to correlation a brief introduction of the alloy dataset is needed. In this presentation we will explore the solidification portion of the alloy dataset and review the effects of changing the curves for the density and fraction solid parameters.

MAGMASOFT 5.4.2 Riser Sleeve Database

September 18, 2020

An introduction to the new sleeve databases released in MAGMASOFT 5.4.2, such as the MAGMASOFT, FOSECO, ASK, GTP-Schafer, and Chemex databases. The addition of these sleeves on a casting is shown, as well as the details involved in considering the right one for your process/casting.

Shrink Porosity Result Analysis

September 17, 2020

Shrinkage related porosity results from the volumetric change of an alloy during solidification. The size and severity of shrinkage porosity in die casting is the result of casting design, ability to feed hot spots, internal die cooling, and process parameters. MAGMASOFT® allows users to determine the severity of shrinkage porosity and explore the best way to reduce defect indications. Key results when evaluating shrinkage porosity in MAGMASOFT® will be discussed.

Shot Volume Effect On Casting Quality

September 17, 2020

In this presentation we cover how a small change in shot volume affects the transition point on a shot curve. This was done by varying the biscuit thickness and the overflows. The result for each of the designs are compared to indicate how areas of a casting can get better or worse based on the transition point.

Using the PQ2 Limiter

September 17, 2020

This video covers the purpose and practical use of the PQ2 Limiter in production, and also how it has been applied as a feature in MAGMAhpdc version 5.4 and newer. The video covers its uses, the setup, and critical information in order for this feature to be used successfully in simulations.

MAGMA Support Update

September 17, 2020

An update on the utilization of different tools on the MAGMASOFT website. Recommendations on how to approach the most common MAGMAsupport questions are covered in detail, including how to predict the microstructure and mechanical properties of iron alloys, and how to view contact macroporosity between a riser and an iron casting.

Cost Analysis of Porosity in a Differential Housing

September 17, 2020

In this presentation, the effectiveness of different feed paths on a rear differential housing is analyzed by reviewing the results of multiple Design of Experiment (DoE) optimizations. The initial criteria for measuring the effectiveness of the different simulated feed paths was the location and severity of predicted porosity. A demonstration within the Assessment Perspective was finally used to analyze the different casting costs in conjunction with the different porosity values to identify the designs with the lowest casting costs which might satisfy porosity requirements.

Hotbox Core Simulation - Shooting and Curing Analysis

September 17, 2020

Complex technical challenges that are encountered in the core making process can be difficult to address effectively. As a result, core rooms often tend to work around these issues, which frequently leads to less than optimal productivity and poor core quality. The objective of this presentation is to highlight the importance of taking into account common sources of process variability when designing core box tooling and determining appropriate ranges for process parameters in the core shooting and curing process.

MAGMASOFT 5.4.2 and 5.4.3 Updates

September 17, 2020

A summary of the release notes for the new 5.4.2 version and the upcoming 5.4.3 version. Major 5.4.2 updates include the addition of three new sleeve databases, expanding the scroll to adjust numbers feature, and the new assign materials button. Upcoming 5.4.3 changes include new MAGMAinteract features, a new user results, and mesh coarsening for molds in MAGMAstress.

Stopper Plug Tips and Tricks

September 16, 2020

When complex castings with high quality requirements are produced, often times it is beneficial to use a stopper plug at the top of the sprue in order to allow metal to fill up and settle in the pour cup before allowing it to flow through the gating system. This is done to reduce the Air Entrapment formed in the sprue and runner system and send “cleaner” metal into the casting. This tutorial expands on why stopper plugs are used and demonstrates how to simulate a stopper plug in your MAGMASOFT® projects.

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