School of Engineering – Jönköping University, Sweden

The School of Engineering at Jönköping University is renowned for its engineering education, having a special focus on cast materials and processes, where issues related to modelling and simulation have been of particular interest. From the very beginning, MAGMA has cooperated with Prof. Ingvar L Svensson.  Since 1995, he has been chair of the research group "Materials and Manufacturing – Casting". Currently, this research group engages approximately 25 people, including 10 PhD students.

Ingvar Svensson is one of the pioneers in the micromodelling of phases and structures together with their effect on mechanical properties in cast irons. His visionary research, initiated in the early 1980s, led to generalized models covering both ferrous and non-ferrous cast alloys by the late 1990s. In the area of micromodelling, Prof. Svensson has also teamed with Assoc. Prof. Magnus Wessén in a number of MAGMA related projects over the last 15 years.

In March 2012, Prof. Anders E.W. Jarfors took over the main responsibility for this dynamic research group. Prof. Jarfors, has a background including experience at both the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). Prof. Jarfors shares the interests of Prof. Svensson, and has also written a book about simulation and modelling in materials processing.

Prof. Ingvar L Svensson (left) and Prof. Anders E.W. Jarfors (right)
Prof. Ingvar L Svensson (left) and Prof. Anders E.W. Jarfors (right)
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