Favor de leer las opiniones de los usuarios de MAGMA y vea como, con la ayuda de la simulación del proceso de fundición, logran usar la herramienta de optimización.

Optimization of Steel Casting Design and Methoding

Hot tearing is one of the main defect sources in steel castings. However, the cost-intensive repair work created by this defect can be avoided by reviewing the influence of casting design and methoding on the formation of hot tears.

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Surya TOTO: Taking an Unusual Approach

The Surya TOTO engineering division was recently challenged to cast something they had never produced before. Although cast components for thermostats are successfully produced using copper base alloys in the low pressure die casting process on a daily basis at Surya TOTO, this new model was significantly different.

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Improved Casting Design Helps Both Customer and Supplier

Bremen Castings, Inc. (BCI) is known worldwide for its quality gray and ductile iron machined castings. Casting process simulation at BCI is not only used to optimize casting processes but also to communicate root causes of a defect issue to a customer and to propose design changes to eliminate them.

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Martinrea Honsel uses MAGMASOFT® from quotation to start

Casting Process Simulation as a strategic tool. Martinrea Honsel, formerly Honsel AG, has become successful as a jobbing foundry that has mastered its production processes in such a way that they can be smoothly synchronized with the target industries and at the same time deliver products of the high quality that automotive manufacturers demand from their suppliers.

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Manufacturing State of the Art Aluminum Cylinder Head Castings

Teksid Aluminum and MAGMA have established a long term relationship to achieve best quality cast components through advanced casting modeling capabilities.

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