Los siguientes ejemplos demuestran de qué manera nuestros clientes usan con éxito MAGMASOFT® con el fin de obtener una mejor calidad en la fundición, ahorrar costos y reducir tiempos de desarrollo.

Reoxidation Inclusions in a Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Reoxidation inclusions form in steels & stainless steels during mold filling as the metal comes ... Leer más

Mold-Filling Defects in Gray and Ductile Iron

In cast iron production, dross formation, gas defects, and oxide films are all heavily ... Leer más

Overcoming Shrink Without Tooling Changes in Investment Casting

When one of their high-production lever castings was returned by the machine shop for ... Leer más

Quickly Resolving Leaks with Investment Casting Simulation

When leak defects were discovered in some of their pump gland castings, engineers at Acra Cast ... Leer más

Tres versiones, una solución

En los últimos años, la demanda de piezas de aluminio automotrices en la industria de la ... Leer más

A Ring for Eternity

Whose eyes do not sparkle with joy when they think of beautiful wristwatches, necklaces or ... Leer más

Weight Reduction and Cost Savings through Runner Design

Kırpart used MAGMASOFT ® to realize a weight reduction for their runner designs and through ... Leer más

Quality up, Costs down

Cold-chamber die casting is the preferred process for high volume production of light alloy ... Leer más

Core and Mold Sand Simulation

With increasing demands on casting quality and a tendency to thinner-walled structures for high ... Leer más