The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times especially in the area of investment casting.

Reoxidation Inclusions in a Stainless Steel Investment Casting

27 de junio de 2023

Reoxidation inclusions form in steels & stainless steels during mold filling as the metal comes ... Leer más

Overcoming Shrink Without Tooling Changes in Investment Casting

19 de junio de 2023

When one of their high-production lever castings was returned by the machine shop for ... Leer más

Quickly Resolving Leaks with Investment Casting Simulation

8 de junio de 2023

When leak defects were discovered in some of their pump gland castings, engineers at Acra Cast ... Leer más

A Ring for Eternity

8 de diciembre de 2021

Whose eyes do not sparkle with joy when they think of beautiful wristwatches, necklaces or ... Leer más