HPDC Case Study: Casting Distortion

In the first episode of our case study series, we will be reviewing real world castings and ... Leer más

Riser Design for Steel Castings

In this webinar we take a close look at key concepts for designing risering systems for steel ... Leer más

Troubleshooting a Failure in Service Using MAGMASOFT®, MAGMAstress and MAGMAsteel

We will be using MAGMASOFT®, MAGMAsteel and MAGMAstress to see if this failure could have been ... Leer más

Automated Change of Riser Sizes and Locations For Steel Castings

With Autonomous Optimization in MAGMASOFT®, riser locations and sizes can be changed and ... Leer más

Steel - Gating System Analysis: Moving from Subjectivity to Objectivity

This webinar will highlight the challenges the foundry engineer faces and will focus on case ... Leer más

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